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Sunbather flexible HiPEC solar strip - Fixing to roof materials

Sunbather flexible HiPEC solar strip is a PVC composite material and will not break down over time. While it looks like rubber or EPDM, it is made from super strong, long lasting and ultra high UV rating. Fixing to roof materials We use Gorilla 240FC MS Adhesive: Glued off at approx 600mm  Brackets can be glued to the roof material(Membrane material). However in most cases, brackets will need to be rivet to the high parts of the ridge No roof penetrations. High wind zone below, no problems see pic Hardness Shore A shows Gorilla MS will be the most flexible, faster to move. Tear strength shows FixAll High Tack is the best adhesive with 3.2N/mm2 which effectively means 320kg/10mm2. It...

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How much does it cost to install a cover pit in New Zealand

Things to remember when building or installing a cover pit. What is the cost of a cover pit for a swimming pool blanket? We get asked all the time, why is the Downwunder unit so expensive. In fact it isn't and when you work out the full costs to install a cover pit, you will be blown away.  e.g. When you get a quote from BMH or Daisy covers for a right angle drive. This is for the roller and right angle drive only. It does not include or is related to any other part of a cover pit.  Things to ask your supplier when building a cover pit: Does this price include the reel, bracket and roller, lid and frame,...

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Can I run my heat pump using PV(Photovoltaic)panels

  PV(Photovoltaic) panels to heat my pool? PV(Photovoltaic) panels and heat pump to heat pool? Can you use PV(Photovoltaic) panels to run my heat pump to heat my pool? We get these questions often... Can I run my heat pump using PV panels? The short answer is not really.. We have a great example here where we have 34kw of PV panels, that struggles to run the 60sqm pool heat pump.  It is not efficient to run a heat pump and this process takes time, to get the water temperature up from the ambient base temp, to epic swimming temperatures. A heat pump for heating water for your pool needs to draw large constant energy. Unlike your house (Air) heat pumps, that require low...

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