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Solar Warranty - Effective 1st January 2020

We the manufacturer and supplier warrant that the Sunbather HiPEC solar collector extrusion is guaranteed to continue performing the function for which it was designed; limited to heating swimming pool water. No other function or purpose applies.
Sunbather offers this warranty to rectify, free of material charges any defects caused solely by faulty workmanship, manufacturing or materials only, as long as the product is subjected to normal use and service.

Subject to Sunbather's Terms and Conditions of Trade, and exclusions mentioned below, the solar pool heating system has the following component warranties.

Exclusions to this warranty:

1. Damage or failure of equipment caused directly or indirectly by any work done on the system by a person not authorised by Sunbather.

2. Damage to metal roofs or gutters or drinking water storages caused by water leakage from the solar system, or for any other consequential damage caused by chemically treated water flowing through or from the solar system, or from rainwater ingress caused by blocked gutters or obstructed watercourses. It is the owner /purchasers responsibility to keep the roof & waterways clear of debris which may cause the restriction of the natural water flow.

3. Incidental or consequential loss.

General Conditions:

- This warranty period applies strictly from date of invoice. - This warranty is not transferrable.

- It is a condition of this warranty that the solar system be inspected annually and any faults reported within 14 days from inspection date to Sunbather.

- All Sunbather solar systems must be installed in strict accordance to the installation manual. Any variations of installation works to the manual will void warranty.

- It is highly recommended that an authorised Sunbather service- person inspect annually to ensure maximum operation efficiency.

Black HiPEC Solar Extrusion:

Warranted for 5 years, plus 5 years of pro-rata warranty reducing at 50% of residual value annually until expiration of the full 10 year period.

- Solar Pump: Sunbather pass on the pump manufacturer's warranty. Refer to your pump manufacturer.

- All Sunbather Controllers: 2 year replacement warranty. 1 year (12 months) on sensors.

- All PVC pipe & fittings, manifolds and all other related components and accessories: 1 Year (12 months). Does not include or cover any pipe work that has been buried in the ground and that is running through walls and roof cavities, or pipe work that has been altered by any other parties. 

- Kwik-Lok manifolds: 3 years.
- Installation: 1 Year (12 months).

4. Colour variations or fading of solar extrusions [except black] over time.

5. Damage caused by bird, rodent, or vermin life unless otherwise stated.

6. The condition of existing equipment that may affect the correct operation of the solar pool heating system.

7. Labour or travel costs incurred after the first 12 month warranty period.

8. Damage or failure due to conditions beyond the reasonable control of Sunbather. Acts of God or extreme weather conditions.

10. Any travel, freight and/or associated costs with warranty claims.