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Downunder in ground hidden roller installation

Planning your Downunder in ground hidden roller is simple. Almost any pool shape or pool size. Send us your plans and see how we can help you plan an amazing out door space. Things to remember: Placement Allowances  Levels Pit requirement 600mm down and 600mm wide, (in ground hidden roller width 4.4m). -it width 4.6m wide. In ground hidden roller, cantered off from coping and garden. 200mm allowance each side of the width, inside pool water line.   200mm wider than pool waterline, cantered to the pool        

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Downunder hidden roller gallery

In Ground Casing In deck with 5mm negative detail, looks sharp Hinge lid with In Deck roller: Motorised Downunder: Motorised Downunder: Joist prep work on a floating deck In deck prep work ready for decking In deck complete  This is a great installation using an In deck unit, over a cover pit 1.4m down and 1m across. Then the concrete team boxed around the unit and tied into the rebar. The cover was 20m long so we used 500mm extension brackets to lower the cover so the Downunder could accomodate the cover.  Dual lid installation. The pool is 6m wide. The maximum pool width for our 5.6m Downunder is 5.5m wide. Then we need to do a dual lid, off...

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