How much does it cost to install a cover pit in New Zealand

Things to remember when building or installing a cover pit. What is the cost of a cover pit for a swimming pool blanket?

We get asked all the time, why is the Downunder hidden roller unit so expensive. In fact it isn't and when you work out the full costs to install a cover pit, you will be blown away. 

e.g. When you get a quote from BMH or Daisy covers for a right angle drive. This is for the roller and right angle drive only. It does not include or is related to any other part of a cover pit. 

Things to ask your supplier when building a cover pit:

  • Does this price include the reel, bracket and roller, lid and frame, Pit opening, Fixings, cover pit housing
  • What other costs are related to the cover pit or getting the reel and right angle drive in the ground
  • How much labour to fully install a cover pit
  • Do I require the builder and the landscaper to be involved in this cover pit
  • What is the unit made of
  • What diameter is the roller and will it flex with the cover on
  • Where is the product made
  • What is the product made of and how long will it last
  • How do I service the unit and is it easy
  • What is the complete cost to install the cover pit with your items quoted
  • Do you supply stainless fixings 

A right angle drive is a part of theDownunder hidden roller or Cover pit system. The Downunder system is a single unit that you basically put into the ground or decking, that is a complete unit and there is no need for any other additional parts when installing. It is a single solution to a cover pit that is complete and ready to install. Once installed, simply lift the finger lift lid and you are ready to go.

There are many right angle drives in the market. They are all a similar price, but the quality is essential. Your pool is chlorinated water and you will be using the roller daily through out the swimming season. The product of the product must be able to last.

Things to remember:

  • 316 stainless is great
  • Roller size is key, we use 114mm to reduce deflection or flex across the roller. Anything smaller just simply will not last
  • What other hidden costs are there to install the right angle drive into a cover pit
  • Always ask if there are any additional costs related to the product
  • How much is labour going to cost me
  • How easy is it to service the Downunder or item
  • Can everyone in the family use the Downunder system or cover pit
  • If we go away will anyone be able to use the Downunder or cover pit 

You should be able to get a Downunder hidden roller system in the ground or in deck for under $9k fully installed and completed. 

Cost to install a cover pit in NZ:

We have many costs around a cover pit and this is an approx ball park of trying to reinvent a cover pit

In timber approx cost(n.b. Based on timber lid framed out with gas struts), including right angle drive and labour

$10,950 plus GST

In ground approx cost (n.b. Based on beam counter leaver with stainless right angle brackets),

including right angle drive and labour

$14,450 plus GST

Things to avoid:

  • Counter lever 
  • Hidden rollers that are fixed in place ie decking, under pavers. How do I service the roller or cover
  • Big timber lids. Simple reason these are dangerous and could cause serious harm
  • No need to build out a concrete pit any more
  • Easy to use. Nothing worse that a roller that is hard to use

Ask questions and try to work out the full installed costs of anything. This costs needs to be related to the budget and make sure to ask your suppliers for any other additional costs that will pop up. 

I always add a contingency on top of my contingency budget. And when I get a cost from a supplier, always add a little bit more. Just to be safe.