Can I run my heat pump using PV panels


PV panels to heat my pool?

PV panels and heat pump to heat pool?

Can you use PV panels to run my heat pump to heat my pool?

We get these questions often... Can I run my heat pump using PV panels?

The short answer is not really.. We have a great example here where we have 30kw of PV panels, that struggles to run the 60sqm pool heat pump. 

It is not an efficient way to drive the heat pump, to heat pool water. 

The ratio to heat water and air is 1:3500. It is incredibly hard to heat water, as yo know when you boil the jug, it consumes all the energy in the house! Now multiple this to a swimming pool. 

The simple equation is to send water onto your roof and let the sun heat the pool water, and simply send it back to the pool... 

Most roof areas are much warmer than your pool. Making the extended season, even longer.. 

PV panels cost to install is high and the replacement cost of the heat pump over time, becomes a huge expense. 

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